Monday, January 5, 2015

How are you?

“Hi! How are you doing?”

[Lois' signature "I'm tired" move]
This past Summer a dear friend and I discussed this ever common question and how to respond in a godly manner. When life is sunshine and roses, it’s easy to cheerily smile and say, “I’m doing great!” 

But so often life is ridden with trials and trouble, and answering during those times requires wisdom. We were talking about the fine line between wanting to be open and honest without being a “Debbie Downer” when I cracked the joke, “Well, I guess the trick is to just always be genuinely happy!” We laughed and were promptly interrupted by our slew of little happy trials and their argument over a certain coveted toy, and that was it. But I’ve been pondering the truth in my joke ever since.

It’s so true. The key to being honest without being an emotional drain on your friends is genuine cheerfulness. Regardless of circumstance, contentment and joy can permeate your perspective and bless those around you. This is often true for trials that are large and earth shattering, but it is especially true with the small, mundane bothers in our lives.

[Smiley girl!]
When people ask me how Lois is doing at night, I try to smile and respond with something along the lines of, “Well, she’s such a cheery, smiley little thing, she’s worth the sleep deprivation!” And it’s true. There is sleep deprivation, but there is great, great joy. :)

(p.s... I tried to wait for her to fuss so I could use a crying picture with this post, but the sweet little darling hasn't fussed once all day and I was tired of waiting! What a happy little girlie!)

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