Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baptism Sunday

We had the glorious blessing of baptizing our darling daughter on Sunday! 
She was one of five babies baptized!
 Such rich blessings should be celebrated with rich treats... like donuts!
I'd love to take credit for the incredible table spread, but it was thanks to a friend's abilities we were able to celebrate so beautifully... :)
 During the baptism party Riley prayed a blessing over Lois.
 And here's our little beauty in her christening gown!
Lois Idelle, for you Jesus Christ has come, 
He has fought, He has suffered.
For you, He entered into the shadows of 
Gethsemane and the terror of Calvary; 
For you He uttered the cry, “It is finished!”
For you He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, 
and there, for you, He intercedes.
Little child, he did this for you, even though you do not yet know it. 
And in this way the gospel is made true, 
“We love Him because He first loved us.”

 Welcome to God's church, little girl!

On Turning 30

I had a delightful time celebrating my thirtieth birthday...
I got to go on a date with this handsome guy (and his adorable daughter) while Gramma and Pappy watched the boys.
(We found a local restaurant that sells gluten free paninis! What a treat!)

We enjoyed a lunch out with Riley's family and my parents (which we of course neglected to photograph).
And enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting back at home!
It was laid back, simple, stress free, and absolutely perfect for this postpartum, sleep deprived Mama.
I do not resent turning 30. I'm actually thrilled to have made it to the stage of life where you're officially considered mature.
God's tender mercies have been made new to me every morning for thirty years now. 
His blessings abound.
I am so thankful!!
[October 19, 1984]

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Friends for Lois

Lois has already made a few darling little friends, she is so blessed!
Her first play date with cousin Audrey was loads of fun...
Lois: 1 week 2 days, Audrey: 3 months
Audrey is almost exactly three months older than Lois. They'll be such sweet friends together!
Then Sola Grace, a friend from church who was born just five days before Lois, came to spend the day...
How sweet is this??

And last, darling Emma just arrived, and since she lives far away, Lois began what will hopefully become a delightful pen pal friendship with the following message:
"Hi Emma! You're so pretty. I can't wait to play dollies with you one day. Our mommies are good friends, so I know we will be, too! 
Love, Lois Idelle"

Emma responded,
"Hi Lois! I do very much want to play dolls with you, and meanwhile our big brothers can get into shenanigans together - I think they will get along well. Let's make it a date.
Love, Emma Marguerite"

Such sweetness!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

An Autumn Romp

Here's the lovely view from the window where I sit and nurse...
No, the trees aren't supposed to be quite this vibrant yet. Sadly, the proud display of color in our yard comes from some sort of disease or fungus plaguing most of the trees on our property. But, it sure is fun to have an early show of autumn's finest!
And the boys of course have enjoyed playing in it!
Even Lois came out to watch the fun!
And, it wouldn't really be Fall without football... here are my studs, sporting their big orange.
Love them!

Home from the Hospital

I have always loved my time in the hospital with a new baby. It truly feels like a mini vacation! I can order food whenever I'm hungry, rest in a quiet, peaceful environment, and spend hour after uninterrupted hour staring into that precious new face!
This hospital stay was no different, I loved every minute of getting to know this tiny new life that I held in my arms. But it was of course loads of fun to see her big brothers when they stopped by, proudly wearing their "big brother" pins!
But, the time came to take our sweet little bundle home, and we were super excited!
Here is our sweet pea, getting ready to leave the quiet, peaceful hospital and enter into a world where chaos and excitement rule, and noise is a given! 
Her life will never be the same!
 Welcome home, darling daughter!!
You will be very well loved here!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Birthday Buddies

Lois surprised us and came about a week early.
The really special surprise came with the day she decided to arrive: 
Grammie and Grampa's birthday!!
The three birthday buddies.
So special!

Welcome, Lois Idelle!!

Our darling daughter is here!! 
Born after a whirlwind labor on September 29th at 10:19pm, Lois Idelle weighed 8 lbs 9 oz, was 20 inches long, and is practically perfect in every way!! 
We're so in love, and overwhelmed with thanksgiving over this precious gift from God! 
Welcome, precious Lois!! You are so loved!