Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pappy's Planes

Pappy has a collection of RC planes that he likes to play with.
Still a kid at heart!
One of the boys' favorite things to do in Spokane is watch Pappy fly his planes...
I got a kick out of Asher's and his Pappy's matching facial expressions!
They absolutely love it.
And it's especially funny when one gets stuck in a tree!
But never fear, Pappy is prepared for everything!
What a fun Pappy they have!

More on the birthday boy...

So, Asher's birthday came just after we arrived in Spokane, and were still feeling a little jet-lagged and confused. (Well, ok, it was mostly me still feeling exhausted and tired all the time!)
But we managed to celebrate our darling Asher in style!
And it started with blueberry pancakes!

 He opened his gifts one at a time, throughout the day...
[Pappy Photo Bomb!]
 Here he is opening his lego truck from his brother...

 Needless to say, he was rather pleased!
 He had his birthday party that evening, and he got his favorite meal (mac-n-cheese and hotdogs) for dinner! 
Well, actually, his favorite would be macaroni and cheese with shrimp... crazy kid. But hotdogs matched the camping theme better, and he likes those, too. Ha!
Then, since we were gone for his birthday, on Sunday we enjoyed a combined birthday party for all the August boys (Knox turned 4 and Jadon turned 12 last week!) with an ice cream cake and Uncle Buck-tastic party decorations!
He is one loved little buddy!

Monday, August 25, 2014

I guess it rained...

We were away in the Northwest for three weeks, and while it was a lovely time spent in a beautiful place, I was sad to think about the barren wasteland that was once a flower garden I would be returning home to.
Apparently I had nothing to worry about!
(These zinnias were only a foot tall when we left!)
My happy front porch flower pot!
While I'm a little offended that they managed to thrive without my tender loving hands working with them and watering them, they were a very cheerful greeting when we arrived home!
And I snapped these pictures after I harvested enough blooms to fill six vases inside! 
Ahhh, fresh blooms...
I guess it rained a lot!

1st Day of School!

Our first day of homeschooling was a success!

Despite feeling a little nervous...
It turned out to be a pretty fun time!
Thanks to Gramma for the fun chalkboards!
I'm feeling like I'm officially a serious member of the "mom club" now, as we're not only beginning the homeschooling journey this week, but also in the process of purchasing a minivan for our growing family.
Feelin' pretty cool over here!

And Friday School starts up again this week!!
It may still be August, but I'm feeling the itch to decorate for Fall already!
Happy Back to School season to all!
_ _ _ _ _
*Pictures of our trip will be coming soon! We had a blast, fit a ton into a three week span, and had NO time to keep up with the blog as I had hoped! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Happy (5 Year Old!) Camper

This guy:
How is he five years old already?
When he found out he was going to spend his birthday at Gramma and Pappy's house (the third time this has happened in his life!) he decided he wanted to have a camping birthday party.
["Don't Feed the Bears" (teddy grahams), "Bait" (gummy worms) and "Fresh Fish" (goldfish crackers)!]
["Happy Trails! (Watch for deer droppings.)" Trail mix with little Raisinets scattered throughout... Asher loved it.
And we got a kick out of hearing the boys request deer droppings for snacks the rest of the week!] 
[Riley made the cake for me! I just added the campsite topper. He's the best.]
[Fishin' Hole Game! They fished (with one of Pappy's real fishing rods) for prizes and loved it!]
Danielley and her girls were able to join our party, and Papa and Nancy came by for cake as well!

[Asher was ecstatic to get this lego truck he'd been wanting... Thanks, Gramma and Pappy!
And Evie's sweet face peeking through is totally adorable!]
It was a happy celebration of our happy little buddy.
We have loved all five years with you, Asher James!