Monday, April 21, 2014

Puddle Jumping Party!

Somebody turned three years old this month!
His favorite thing in the world is to be outside jumping in puddles, so we decided to celebrate with a puddle jumping party!
Gramma and Pappy got to be in town for the festivities, which was wonderful fun.
We also invited friends from church, the Fletchers, as Gray loves them and has begged to go back to their house ever since they babysat the boys for our ultrasound appointment! Since we love them too, we thought we'd invite them to ours instead! :)
There were rain drops and rain boots and bubbles all over the place!
Gray's favorite food in the world is pancakes, so we served a big brunch. 
We played a couple of games, and it worked out perfectly for each child present to win a prize!
Pass the Rain Boot
And Puddle Jump (think cake walk, but more... jumpy!)
While we didn't do any actual puddle jumping, Gray opened a bubble machine from Pappy and Gramma, and the kids had a blast chasing the bubbles around the yard!
Happy birthday, sweet Gray!!
You add a splash of joy to our lives each and every day!

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  1. Awww, happy birthday Gray! I love you so much, buddy! You are definitely a splash of joy in the Friday School nursery. ;) Tamara, what a cute party idea!! I am mind blown. You are awesome.