Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House Tour: Kitchen

One of the features I immediately fell in love with when first seeing this house was its sweet little farm style kitchen. The cheery white cabinets, vintage style knobs, hard wood floors, and big kitchen window just make me smile. 
I could spend all day in here! (And I often do!)
Few things in life make me more cheerful than a clean and tidy kitchen... especially when there are fresh tulips involved!
 An old picture of my sweet grandparents, and always some bundle of fresh stems make my coffee corner happy. (Usually I have the evergreen branches that you can see to the left of the sink here, but they got the boot when the tulips arrived!)
And here is a pretty print my parents got me after they saw me drooling over it in an antique store.
Oh, and my ever-ready canister of disinfecting wipes.
 Here's the entry to the kitchen. You have to round this funky little hallway to enter, leaving lots of space between me and the noisy ruckus happening in the living room! Haha!
(That door you can see leads to the laundry room, which is currently *not* clean!)
 The bistro table was in Riley's Grandma's kitchen, and while I had originally intended for it to sit in the little mud room/ sun room next to the kitchen, I found it never got seen or used out there, so I moved it in. I love having the little bit of extra counter space, and also a place for the boys to sit and color (where I can keep an eye on what exactly they're coloring! Just paper, guys. Only paper.)
I am in love with our old, squeaky, hard wood floors, and they make me happy every time I walk in here! (Even when they're covered in flour and crumbs!)

 We drink water from a Brita pitcher, since Farmville tap water ranks pretty poorly in quality, but lately I've enjoyed filling this canister up with the filtered water for daily use! It's great, because the boys can now fill their cups up without assistance!
 These curtains came with the house, and were a lovely shade of yellowish brown when we moved in. I had made curtains for our previous kitchen that would have worked, but I loved the light simplicity of the lacy white, and so I washed them and they brightened up nicely!
I also love that school house light with the old fashioned pull string, and my big farmhouse sink.
It's my dream to one day have one of those huge, white enamel farm sinks, but this big stainless sink is a very happy substitute for now!

Well, I cleaned the kitchen today, and thought I should go ahead and document it while it looked good! 
On a normal day, you can add to the mental picture a pile of unwashed hand washing to the left of the sink, some miscellaneous crayons and scissors in front of the KitchenAid, and an overflowing trash can. 

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