Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Little Valentine's Day

Despite being on top of the decorations, Valentine's Day still managed to sneak up on me. 
I got the Valentine's cards out to long distance family on the last possible day, forgot to make cards for the boys, and didn't get around to making Riley's gift (Grand Marnier Truffles) until the day of! 

But, we still had an absolutely lovely day... of course!
It started with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls:

Since we enjoyed a big snowfall just before Valentine's Day, our Friday School was cancelled and we got to stay in and enjoy a slower-paced morning. Daddy left for work and the boys and I enjoyed watching a couple of Valentine cartoons, reading books, and playing together.
For lunch I cut out little heart shapes in the boys sandwiches for a fun treat, but Gray was quite upset that I was requiring him to still eat it. He exclaimed, "But I not want to break my Balenstimes!"
It all went well in the end. ;)

The boys got little heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that they enjoyed throughout the day, and they gave me a couple chocolate goodies, too! (Chocolate all around!)

Riley surprised us and came home early from work! He greeted me with a caramel latte and an offer to take the boys out for a walk so I could make dinner in peace.
He knows the way to my heart!

And to top it all off, here's the valentine he made for me.
(The previous night he had asked me where I kept the hot glue gun, and had instructed me to not ask any questions.)

The love passage from 1 Corinthians 13 was written on the tip of each petal.

The night we were married, we got to our hotel room where I found his Bible on the coffee table, laid open to this passage. A wonderful reminder of what we are really working toward, what we really mean when we say "I love you," in this marriage, both then and now.

It is absolutely gorgeous!
I was so impressed that he loved me enough to search pinterest for me. (hehe!)
What a guy! Love him!


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