Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Buzz & Woody

I'm popping popcorn this morning.
A Toy Story Tuesday Morning Movie.
How could I say no to these two??
[Don't worry, we finished our reading lessons first... ;)]
Fun times!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Three Months!

Lois is three months old!
How did it happen so quickly?
Here are all three of my sweeties at three months:
[Asher, Gray, Lois]
 I love the way they each look so different (at least to us) and yet are so clearly related.
Our kids. 
Love them!!
Happy three months, Lois Idelle!

Movin' on up!

Lois has officially outgrown her (adorable) bassinet. 
I am so sad to put it away again!
It's held all three of our babies in their early days, and into storage it goes again, replaced this time by a not-pretty-but-practical pack'n'play.
Good thing she manages to make *everything* beautiful!
My, how the time flies by....
My big girl!!
(Three months today!)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas! (2014)

Christmas 2014.
What a delightful day!
[We don't have a fireplace, so Netflix provided a pretend fire for us!]
We had planned to wake early, get showered and dressed before the children got up, and enjoy a cup of coffee in our cozy, tree lit room as we waited to start the most exciting day of the year.
And strangely, all went according to plan!
 Only Lois joined us in the wee hours, and she was a welcome addition.
 We took the day really slow, enjoying each step, each present. 
We didn't finish opening gifts until late in the afternoon!
We enjoyed a delicious gluten free breakfast.
 Cinnamon Roll Swirl Coffee Cake, Bacon Farmer's Casserole, and fresh strawberries.
And then we got back to the really fun stuff!
 We were all thoroughly spoiled!
 Our little Christmas sweetie...
 Grayson is mildly obsessed with her...
... "Mildly" being an understatement...
 There was a lot of Lego assembly going on:
 And in the midst of all the fun we were having watching the kids open gifts, we even remembered to snap a couple photos of us!
 Seriously, I used to think Christmas was fun.
Now that I have children of my own, it's MAGICAL.
Fun doesn't even begin to describe it!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

* * * * * * * *
p.s... Here are a few of Gray's exclamations throughout the day:
“Oh my nonnie nose!”
“Oh my jolly cars!”
“Oh-ho-ho-ho man! This is what I always wanted!!”

They do a pretty good job of summing up how truly delightful our day was! ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Sack

Today's Christmas project! 
When you have a large family and you have to tote a dozen gifts to Grammie's house to celebrate Christmas, you might as well do it in style!

A drop cloth, a sharpie, and a sewing machine.
Sew simple!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Time is Here...

Christmas time at our home...
Happiness and cheer,
My favorite time of year!

A (gluten free) follow up...

So, I felt like I needed to write a follow up. My faith never wavered, but when I wrote yesterday’s thoughts down I was heavy of heart. As always, however, a new morning has brought renewed perspective, and I am filled with thankfulness, all the way up to the brim of my cup. The happiness is sloshing over the edges, and all it took was a few moments of looking around me.

Yesterday evening I stepped outside to make sure there were no more packages delivered to our doorstep. (A very common occurrence these days!) There were none, but a chilly breeze hit me in the face and I shivered at air that is not even *that* cold. 
Stepping back into my toasty warm house the thankfulness hit me even harder than the cold wind did. I have a heated house to take shelter in during the cold winter months. 
A warm house full of precious people, twinkling lights, Christmas music, and beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. 
On the fold-out-table temporarily at home in my living room was a sewing machine and the fabric for a new stocking to add to our “mantel.” A new stocking, a new baby! A new member of our family, who generously gives smiles to anyone who will take the time to look at her. 
There was more, too. 
Steam rising off a cup of cocoa, a Christmas movie, and a quiet house. 
Boys sleeping peacefully in beds covered in cozy blankets, in a room of their own, lit with Christmas lights in place of a night light. 
A dish washer that works, and the delicious food that dirties the dishes so well. 
The blessings abound. I can’t help but be thankful.

Celiac disease? Ok. Whatever. There are far worse things. 
I can do this. (And do it well!)
I already know how to make cinnamon rolls and corn bread, and pizza to die for. I’ve won a pie contest with my GF pie crust, and I’ve mastered the ice cream cake. My cheese bread is tasty and my biscuits are flakey. My chocolate muffins are perfect. I haven’t quite figured out french bread, but I discovered some great cookie recipes this year, and maybe 2015 will be the year I create a recipe for GF donuts that don’t taste like soggy canola oil. Or maybe not. Either way I’ll have fun trying.

Thankfulness changes everything.
And while there is sadness at my somewhat inconvenient circumstance, I am thankful. So thankful. 

Gluten is not an ingredient in the recipe for a happy and content life!
(And neither are children who always smile perfectly for the camera!)