Monday, October 21, 2013

Bitty Balloons!

I found a bag of water balloons we forgot to use this Summer, and did the only logical thing...

(Don't worry, they're filled with air, not water!)

Daddy isn't the only one with fun ideas!

And of course, they only stayed in the box for about 10 minutes...
Fun, fun!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Blustery Days

When enduring a long stretch of blustery days, one must find fun ways to entertain toddlers indoors. Good thing Daddy always has a few tricks up his sleeve! (And disregards silly notions like safety and caution... *wink)


Pillows were piled at the bottom. (Literally. Every pillow in the house.)

And boys dared to jump from higher and higher.

We managed to make it through this overload of fun without a single injury!

Also, given the extended sequence of grey, cozy days, the boys and I have developed a bit of a post-nap-time routine that I'm pretty much in love with. Snuggles, cocoa, and an episode of Little Bear make for a pretty dandy way to wake up!

Here they are, slurping up every last drop!

I love cozy Autumn days!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Few Wedding Snapshots...

So, here are a few photos from my camera of the big day... enjoy!

First, some of the fun DIY details...

My first attempt at arranging bouquets! I did them all except the Bride's.
It was pretty dreamy playing with so many gorgeous fresh blooms!

The suitcase was Andrea's Grandma's. She added the doily and banner.
So cute!

The ampersand was signed by all the guests...

Andrea and Alex both picked two of their favorite candies and displayed them in Mason jars. They provided favor bags for guests to fill and take home a treat.
I did all the chalkboard signs, also a first. I am now in love with chalk pens, and will have to go buy some.
The cake table!
(Are you noticing that gorgeous, rustic cake stand?? Drool...)

Curling station!

I made the flower crowns for the flower girls.
(They weren't fresh flowers, so I was able to do these in advance!)
Cute!! This was placed right as guests walked onto the beach.
Programs were here.

And then... THE WEDDING!!!


LOVED those flowers!!

The wind ended up veiling Andrea AND her Dad as
they walked down the aisle, laughing!

The vows

My Loves!!
The happy couple!

We placed the bouquets in Mason Jars and used them in the reception area... so pretty!
With a last name like Mason, you can't help but use as many Mason jars as possible!
The lovely and talented Melissa Ice, serving the cake she stayed
up until 3:30AM the night before to finish.

First dance!
Erika Nelson and I were up late the night before decorating the reception
area and hanging those adorable lights!

They were sent off with sparklers!
It was an absolutely perfect day full of joy!
Many blessings to you, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Mason!! We love you both!