Monday, September 30, 2013


What a wonderful weekend!

Our hearts were full of joy as we witnessed our sweet Andrea exchange vows with her beloved Alex on the beach on Saturday.
It was a perfect day and everything ran so smoothly!
And I... well, I just ran. And ran, and ran.
In fact, it's kind of a miracle I even got myself ready in time! I was given the reigns, and thoroughly enjoyed bossing everyone around (ha!), but boy was it a busy day!!
To give you a little taste, (and because I want to always remember how crazy fun it was!) here's a little sample of my day:

Task: Put my make-up on.

Time: One hour until the wedding.

Process: Apply foundation (using entryway mirror, so everyone could find me if they needed). Adjust flower crown falling off of flower girl's head. Find pain killer for someone's headache. Apply blush. Give instructions to sweet friend on how to use my video camera. Find spare battery for video camera. Start to pin boutonniere on groom. Stop, track down photographer, then pin boutonniere on groom. Apply eye liner. Find photographer. Deliver surprise gift to bride from groom, make sure photographer captures it. Curl bridesmaid's hair. Find baby wipe to remove stain from dress. Apply eye shadow. Comfort bride during false-eyelash-breakdown. (They were removed. Everyone was happy.) Apply rest of eye shadow. Apply mascara with a fussing boy hanging on my leg.  Hold Gray. Direct groomsmen toward seating area, still holding Gray. Deliver bouquets to bridesmaids, still holding Gray. Give Gray to his daddy. Kiss husband. Run to bedroom. Find bobby pins for bridesmaid. Adjust another flower crown. Check time (yikes!) Meet late-coming groomsman. Make sure he understands I'm the boss...ha! Find paperweight for favor bags blowing in the wind. Deliver ribbon wands to ring bearers and flower girls. Find my lipstick. Apply lipstick. DONE! (With my makeup.)

I was really in my element. My mom always told me I should be a party planner or wedding planner when I grew up, and I have to say, it was a hoot! I absolutely loved the thrill of running the show and having all the answers, but the best part was seeing the bride and groom, totally in love, thoroughly enjoying their special day.


*More wedding pictures coming soon!

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  1. Thanks, Tam! Beautiful pic, hilarious narrative! Almost felt like I was there. Almost...