Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sneak Peek

We went to Farmville to sign the contract for our upcoming lease, and I got to take a few little snapshots of the house we will be renting next school year. Here's a little sneak peek into our new home!


I'm standing where our table will go.
You can see the entry and our living room.
We've discovered that the shag carpet is hiding lovely pine floors throughout the entire house. We're hoping to receive permission to remove the carpets on the main level... wouldn't that be gorgeous??

Here's my cute little kitchen!

I'll be spending a lot of time in here!
Off the kitchen is a little porch that they closed in. Right now the plan is to use this adorable space as a place to keep my desk and perhaps add some shelves for pantry storage.

Angled ceilings and window dormers make for lots of character!

And I'm so excited to get my hands in this overgrown garden!!

 The yard is huge, and we're so excited to be able to spend lots of time outside playing!
Time is flying by. Our move (which will happen the second week of July) will be here before we know it! We've already begun packing...

I would have taken a picture of the huge stack of boxes upstairs, except that Riley got them from our local liquor store because they're so sturdy, and I didn't want to give people the wrong idea... heh.

Change is on the horizon!
Good thing I was prepared for a crazy adventure when I married my handsome husband!


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  1. Love love love! I keep hoping for a checkerboard floor one day. :) That house has tons of character, and people with vision enjoy homes like that so much more than others. It's going to be GREAT!