Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebrating Two! (Grayson Style...)

So, I forgot to blog about Gray's birthday. In all fairness, it wasn't a big ordeal with lots of cute pictures, so it didn't provide the typical blogging inspiration I usually have, but it happened and was very exciting for a two year old!

I was planning a Cars birthday party for my little car-lover, but when it was looking like the cousins would have a hard time coming here because of sports and busy school schedules, and considering the fact that I swore to never again pack up a birthday party after Gray's first birthday party in Lynchburg, we decided to simply enjoy our little two year old just the four of us. It was perfect!

He woke up to this:

We enjoyed cinnamon roll pancakes, and then he opened a couple of gifts. 

The boys played with the new toys until lunch at Chick-Fil-A!

We tried to introduce Gray to his first taste of gluten (the nuggets!) but he was so distracted by the play set we couldn't get him to eat a bite! We stretched the celebration through the whole day. He would open one gift at a time and play with it for awhile. Have a treat here, do something fun there. It was the perfect speed for his little two-year-old frame. 
That evening we enjoyed pizza for dinner and then I served an angel food cake with chocolate ganache. (Yum!)

His face says it all!
Then, the next time we were in Lynchburg we went ahead and threw a little party for the two April birthdays, Gray (the 6th) and Ian Jude (the 24th)!

I provided the cake, and it was definitely showing signs of travel, but it was still cute!
They really are double trouble!
Actually, the youngest four cousins are all boys, and getting them all in the same room together is breeding ground for equal parts mischief and laughter!
It was an excellent celebration of two years of Grayson goodness!
We're so thankful for this little guy!


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