Sunday, April 21, 2013

Date Night... Out!

My parents visited last week, and it was such a blessing to have them! 
One of the specific blessings we had with their presence was the ability to go out for a date night, which hasn't happened for... hmm...... ?
We try to do a weekly "date night in" where we enjoy trying different wine and cheese pairings together after the boys go to bed. But it was definitely a treat to head out on the town by ourselves!

Not only did we discover how much fun Target is without little kiddos running circles around your shopping cart (hah!), but we also got to take a scenic drive out to a nice restaurant in Eggleston, a tiny farming town in the middle of nowhere. 

The road we drove ran right along the New River. It was gorgeous!

The restaurant was called "The Palisades" and we highly recommend it! There was a cute little gift shop that we browsed while waiting for our reservation (we got there about half an hour early), and Riley bought me a set of darling little notecards. The restaurant was cozy, classy, and they had a live jazz band performing, which provided some pretty excellent background music. The food is mostly locally grown and purchased, the chef was very talented, and over 90% of the menu was gluten-free, which came in handy for me! All in all, we were pretty delighted.

After dinner we tried their homemade Pomegranate Chocolate Chip ice cream, and were pretty glad we did. Oh, yum.

 And, I know this is random, but the womens' restroom was seriously the cutest public bathroom I've ever been in. 

Really clean, and absolutely gorgeous. Antique hardwood floors, paintings of Virginian farm land, copper sink, fancy glass soap dispenser, and fresh cut daffodils. Seriously? Love.

So, we were pretty much giddy the whole night. We are so, so thankful to my parents for essentially kicking us out the door for some much needed time together. (Seriously, they herded us out the door and told us to get out of here hours before our reservation so we could just hang out around town!) They're the best!! 

And, in case I haven't said it before... I LOVE MY HUSBAND.  :)


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