Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow Showers

So we've been enjoying some lovely Spring weather... oh, wait.

Yep, that's about five inches of snowfall. On Palm Sunday.
It came down in massive clumps!

The path was covered in snow before Riley could even finish
sweeping it!

Despite Asher's obvious excitement, I was feeling a little defiant. It's almost Easter, and while snow on Easter is not really that weird in the Northwest, it's pretty strange in Virginia!
I refused to dress for the snow, and insisted on wearing my springy pastels (although I did change shoes), and I made these festive little birds nests for dessert. 

They weren't exactly a weather-appropriate treat, but they were delicious, fun, and a good way to remember that this is, indeed, the week before Resurrection Sunday! And besides, the robins were still outside hopping around on top of the snow, so while the ground was white, it still carried the promise of Spring!

Have a lovely week reflecting on the glories of the Holy week, the wondrous miracle of the cross, and the promise of life everlasting that was given to us through the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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  1. Maybe this means Easter will be lovely and warm and sunny. :)