Monday, February 18, 2013

Definitely Yours, Valentine!

We had an absolutely lovely Valentines Day this year! 

I don't typically get too fussy about Valentine's Day. I certainly enjoy the excuse to eat chocolate and get fresh flowers for my kitchen table, but other than that it's not a huge deal over here. But this year my husband absolutely spoiled me, and I just need to brag on him a bit.

He skipped his afternoon classes to come home and spend time with us on Valentine's Day. I was upstairs laying boys down for naps when he got home, and I came downstairs to this happy surprise:

Apparently, when I thought Riley was cramming for an exam the evening before at his friend's house, he was actually bent over melted chocolate, hand-dipping fresh strawberries for me. He arranged the roses by himself, and picked out a Washington wine from a local wine cellar (for his Northwestern bride). 

I've been spoiled all six of the Valentine's Days I've spent as Mrs. L, but this year he outdid himself. 

I love this man!

Be Mine, Valentine? Definitely!

We had a lunch "date" together while the boys napped, and then later that evening ordered pizza and then went out to a local coffee shop for treats. 

Valentine's Date Night takes on a new flavor when you have little ones!
I think it's much, much richer.

Happy Valentine's Day from the all of us!


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