Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Transplanting

“The great Master Gardener, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a wonderful providence, with His own hand, planted me here, where by His grace, in this part of His vineyard, I grow; and here I will abide until the great Master of the vineyard think fit to transplant me.”

-Samuel Rutherford

We've just heard that the Lord has seen fit to give us the desires of our hearts and transplant us to Farmville, Va for our third year of medical school! Riley will be doing rotations through hospitals and clinics next year, and God has kindly placed us in a town much closer to home. Our hope is to find a home to rent in Appomattox (splitting the difference between Farmville and Lynchburg) and stay there for the next two years, until graduation. This will place us only half an hour away from all the family fun in Lynchburg (including grandparents and all eight of their cousins!), as well as our wonderful Providence Church. In addition, we'll be just a stone’s throw away from our good friends, the Weizeneckers, who live on a farm in Appomattox!
We are so excited!

While we will be very sad to leave the wonderful church and the new friends we’ve made here in the New River Valley (and especially the pizza shop just down the road that makes delicious gluten free pizzas for this little celiac!), we are most grateful for the Lord’s provision, and are trusting in Him as He lovingly guides us through this next phase of our medical school journey.

I love this Samuel Rutherford quote, as it conjures up a beautiful image of contentment. We’ve endured a great deal of uncertainty throughout this entire process: not knowing what school we would go to, not knowing where we would live or what church we would attend, not knowing what specialty Riley will choose, not knowing how long we will live in any given location. But, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter! The master gardener has placed us here. Here. He has not just allowed us to be here, but he has lovingly chosen this location, this lot in life, for us. This is where He has planted us, exactly where He knows we will thrive best. And who knows better than the Master of the garden? He is so kind! It is our job now to flourish wherever He places us.

Bloom where you’re planted.

And, by His kindness, it looks like we’ll be blooming a little closer to home next year.
Thanks be to God!

Here we go!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sniffles

Considering the chorus of coughs and sneezes my eldest has been contributing to our weekend, we thought it best that I stay home from church with my sniffling Asher this morning.

He seems chipper and unaffected by the constant hacking and stuffiness, and has no trouble creating as much mischief as normal, but he's not quite well. So, we stayed home.
While Daddy and Gray went to worship with the saints at our Blacksburg church, Redeemer ARP, I conducted a little worship service at home with my little sick-o, bringing him into the presence of the great Healer. We followed our Lynchburg church's liturgy, singing the same songs and reading the same scriptures they read this very morning. It was actually an incredibly encouraging time, and my little congregant member did a great job sitting still (even though he offered up his prayers of thanksgiving while standing on his head). I was greatly blessed by our little church service.
Asher got to replace the sermon with a video we got from the library about the story of Noah's Ark. (No complaints there! haha)
And then, after renewing our covenant with our Lord, and cleansing our souls through the confession of sins and the receiving of God's abundant forgiveness, I opened up a window and disinfected my house.

We're sparkly clean! 
Thanks to the grace of God. (And Lysol!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morning Glory

While my children are early risers, I am not what most would consider a “morning person.” I am, however, learning to appreciate the magnificent display of God’s glory that stretches across the sky each morning, heralding the sun’s arrival.

What a blessing it is to see yet another one of these. I am thankful, indeed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three-Year-Old Faithfulness


Curious to see how much of the gospel Asher understands, I had this little conversation with him this morning...

Me: Asher, do you know, are you a sinner?
Asher: Yes, but I am a Christian.
Me: That’s right. You are a Christian. Because you’re a sinner, who had to die for your sins?
Ash: Jesus! He died to clean our sins.
Me: Very good! And what happened three days after Jesus died?
Ash: He comed out!
Me: And who is the King?
Ash: Jesus!
Me: Do you love Jesus?
Ash: Mmm-hmm! And Noah. I love Noah.

Behold, faithfulness in three-year-old form. :)

But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, 
and do not forbid them, 
for of such is the kingdom of heaven." 
Matthew 19:14


Thursday, January 17, 2013

SNOW! (And a lot of it!)

When the boys laid down for their naps, the weather was gray and gloomy...
But look what happened while they slept!

We promptly threw on some snow gear and enjoyed having Daddy home for the afternoon!

They named him "Frosty." We're so original... :)

We then had to warm up with hot cocoa... of course!

It's absolutely gorgeous out there! And still coming down...

Frosty is already almost buried, and it's only been an hour!

I love a fresh blanket of snow.
It feels like I'm back in the Northwest! 
(Well, almost...)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keeping it Real

I have to confess, it's a strong temptation of mine to post pictures of the house neatly tidied, with the children reading together peacefully on the couch, but I have to keep it real...

A great deal of fun happens in this house, but very little of it photographs nicely.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Bath Time Haiku

While supervising bath time today I felt randomly inspired to exercise the poetic portion of my brain.
(All three cells of it.)


Boys covered in suds,
Laughter soaked with water sloshing.
Cleansed, body and soul.

Spending all day every day with little ones can sometimes make you forget that you're actually an intelligent human being, and so I enjoy seeking out opportunities to raise the intellectual bar for myself. I typically do this through reading non fiction, listening to sermons and lectures, writing, and occasionally even playing the part of a poet.
So, today I spent a few minutes trying to verbally capture the essence of my children whooping it up in the tub. They were having a grand ol' time in there, and I was enjoying the show (from a safe distance, just outside the bathroom door. It's kind of soggy in there, you know).

I truly love my life.
Both the smart and the silly parts. 

* * *

*Haiku is a form of poetry that is typically only three lines, usually following a syllable structure of "5,7,5." It's purpose is to capture the essence of a moment through words.
I love having a blog where I can "work on" developing my skill set as a writer! 
Thanks to all of you who humor me by reading it! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Box and a Buzz

So far, today this box has been an airplane, a rocket, a nest, an egg, a jack-in-the-box, and a vessel facilitating some fantastic "couch falling."   

Likewise, today Asher has been an otter, a chick, a race car, Buzz Lightyear, a school boy, a captain, a grasshopper, a chameleon, and "just Asher."
And, mind you, you'd best keep it all straight, because he'll let you know if you get confused:

"Little otter, Mommy told you that you need to pick up the train tracks..."
"MOMMY. I am NOT otter Asher. I am a little baby chick!! Cheep, cheep! Lets do chick kisses!"
He's pretty cute.

And speaking of cuteness, someone got his first buzz cut this week!

He was a total champ about it. 

Since we're typically concerned that Asher is going cause the neighbors to call child services on us when it's his turn to get a trim, we went ahead and let him skip this haircutting session... despite kind of needing it. (He didn't believe that we were truly going to skip his haircut, and said, "Mommy, I don't want a haircut!" at least once every other minute.)
We'll get there!

These boys of mine are getting so big!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Block 7, here we come!!

Our lovely Christmas break has flown by. We've found ourselves here, at the very end, ready to embark on yet another wild 12 weeks.

I view preparing for another term of medical school kind of like preparing for a new baby. We know it will be crazy, so we'd better be ready! I’ve been gearing up for the upcoming block by frantically cleaning, organizing, preparing meals for my freezer, and soaking up every minute of Hubby time I can! 

Block 7, here we come!!!



"...It shall be that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come and see My glory." 
Isaiah 66:18 

Thanks be to God!