Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cousin Fun

After a short trip to visit Riley's grandmother and then a storm-induced 5-day internet fast, I'm both more aware of my dependance on the world wide web, and simultaneously very thankful to be back online!

We took a short visit to Lynchburg after school let out, and enjoyed some pretty serious cousin fun at what we fondly refer to as the "Wacky Walker Hotel." And with seven Walker cousins, Asher and Grayson had all the cousin fun they could want, 24 hours a day!

Here's Asher, Ian (Jude), and Knox. 

These guys (and Grayson as well) have years of good times together ahead of them! 
Four boys less than 3 years apart. 
Oh Boy! 

We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows.

Someone was excited! 


And, by the way, gluten free s'mores? No problem!
(Who needs graham crackers anyway?)

Plenty of wrestling and rough-housing. (I'm loving Hubby's face in this one...)

And this sweet shot was taken the morning we left. I told Asher to say goodbye to Jude and they tackled each other with a hugs and exclamations along the lines of, "I love you so much!"

Fun times! Included in our weekend, but unintentionally not photographed were the outing to the baseball game Asher and Daddy went on with about half of the Walker gang, as well as a little trip to the community pool. 

What a blessing to live so close to family. I came from a family with lots of cousins, and have the fondest of memories. I'm so glad my boys will enjoy the same treat!

Thanks for having us, Walkers!

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