Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Express @ Platform 3

Somebody is three years old!

Well, almost. We'll be in the Great Northwest for his actual birthday, which is a couple weeks away still, but we really wanted to squeeze in a "cousin party" and this was the week that fit.

It all started with these invites...

And here's our bundle of passengers! It was a fun afternoon...

Asher wore his conductor's hat to greet everyone.
I set up our Christmas train around the base of the gift table, and he literally stayed there on the floor for probably half an hour mesmerized by that train chugging down the tracks... made last minute party prep a cinch!

The food table!

And in case you missed that cute picture display on the shelf, a close up...

One picture for each year he's blessed our family with his presence. Choo choo!

The picture quality on my "chocolate coal" is poor, but it was really cute! Chocolate truffles rolled in black sugar sprinkles... very fun! 
Despite the lip-and-finger-staining-nature of the sprinkles....

 We did all the normal party activities. We played games...

Gave out prizes...

Ate food...

Drank drinks...

Smiled repeatedly for the camera...

Opened gifts...

And had a regular romp-rollin' good time!

Sweet brothers 

(this is my attempt to capture them in their cute train appliqued shirts... I was largely unsuccessful, but know that they were darling!)

And then cake! (For those of us who still had room in our bellies for more sugar...)

Apparently I forgot to explain to Asher that we were going to light his cake on fire and then explode into a rambunctious and startlingly loud rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" before he got to enjoy his cupcake. 

I'm afraid the show gave him quite the fright, and he had a little meltdown mid-song, but he recovered quickly and didn't let it spoil his treat.

It's his party, he can cry if he wants to... right?

The boys played outside, and Riley and I decided that we absolutely must move closer to Asher's cousins as soon as possible. 

They have so much fun together!

We had such a great time, and are so thankful for this little man! 
He's truly a source of great joy and blessing in our lives!
As well as a great source of noise. He's a loud reminder of God's goodness to us! 


p.s... the morning after your birthday party is almost as much fun as the party itself! So many new toys to play with!!

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