Friday, May 11, 2012

Up... and off!

Gray is becoming quite the mover...
It seems like he's picked up walking overnight.

So long as he's not in a hurry, he prefers to toddle around, shrieking with joy about his newfound trick.

I have two toddlers... how did this happen? 
I'm most certainly not mature enough to handle this!

Grayson loves to be on the move. He's always trying to get somewhere, and in his world, up is best.
If I happen to take the time to blink, I find him here:

Well, hopefully I find him there. I would be lying if I said he hasn't made it up the stairs and around the corner to play delightfully in that white porcelain bowl full of water that Mama never lets him touch... yuck.

So, to give myself a break, I whipped up this little cutie last week:

Since we have that lovely banister at the end of the stairs, the standard kind of stair barricade didn't work. I didn't want to pay to get a new one, and saw this idea online somewhere. I grabbed some extra fabric sitting in my closet stash, bought four wooden dowels, and set to work! About an hour and a half later, I was screwing this into the wall under the stairs... I love the end product! 

And... it works!

Also, it rolls up nicely for easy passage when little boy is sleeping. Big boy, at least for the moment, isn't generally tempted to sneak upstairs to explore. 

There's plenty of mischief to get into downstairs...

So, this works to keep Grayson safe from stair-related dangers.
However, I'm not sure what to do about this...

Or this...

Silly boy.


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