Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Ancient celebrations of the first day in May were a tribute to Flora, the goddess of flowers. The pagan traditions were rightly forsaken when Christianity conquered Western civilization, and were replaced with a smattering of Christian and secular festivities. 

Dancing around the May Pole, braided hair draped with fresh flower crowns, singing and feasting and rejoicing in God's goodness to bless the land with April showers as we welcome all those beautiful May flowers... doesn't that sound like a wonderful way to spend the day?

For years people have celebrated May Day with little baskets filled with flowers and sweets that they would hang anonymously on their neighbors' doorposts. 

Asher and I thought that sounded like fun.
(And much easier than planning a last minute May Day Party!)

We're bringing back the May Day basket!

This morning Asher and I made a colossal mess in the kitchen crafting, and then snuck up to our neighbors' doorsteps to leave these sweet little surprises for them to find when they returned home.

We of course made one for us to enjoy, as well. 

To keep the pansies fresh, we stuck the ends into a tiny ziplock bag stuffed with a wet paper towel.

Mama treated herself to a little May bliss as well...

They're nestled in my favorite place for flowers to reside... my kitchen window. 
It makes dish washing so much more enjoyable!

Why have I never thought to snip pansies before? 
They're so cheerful!

Grayson slept through our sneaky little shenanigans, but indulged his mother with a smile after the fact.

Happy May Day to you all!

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