Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Riley!

Despite preparing for a massive, comprehensive final in one of his least favorite classes, Riley managed to squeeze in some time for a little birthday celebration!

Daddy opened gifts and cards (with enthusiastic helpers, of course!)

And then he came to my rescue as an unexpected storm decided to show up five minutes after I started the grill up...

We kept the boys quarantined in the house with a gate, so they were still able to be "with Daddy" as he worked the grill... in the downpour... under an umbrella. 
He's my hero.

Notice the huge puddle of water at the edge of the porch!
During our 50 minutes of grill time, 45 of them were a torrential downpour. 
Sunshine and clear skies otherwise! 

Ironic? Do you believe God has a sense of humor yet? I'm convinced.

Riley came in soaking wet, but the chicken was fantastic.
We laughed and took pictures. What else can you do?  

So, I married a younger man. Today he finally caught up to my ripe old age of 27. (haha!)
I made him a rich chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting (which is most irresistible! I'm proud of myself for leaving enough to frost the cake with...)

And, while I have him beat by 7 months, he is most gracious. He really only remembers to tease me about how old I am the night before his birthday.

I've got one up on him, though. He's been finding gray hairs on his head. 
Thank you, medical school...

I really consider myself most blessed to be married to such a wonderful and godly man. He is wise far beyond his years, kind, strong, loving, and a wonderful example to our sons.  

If they turn out like their father, I will rejoice and be exceeding glad.

Happy Birthday, my sweet love and best friend!

xoxo forever

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