Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Little Cowboy

Isn't he cute?

He's all treat and no trick, if you ask me!!
Happy Halloween from the Lathams!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Fun!

Lots is going on in our little family! Lots of fun, I mean. My sweet little bun-in-the-oven has started making movements large enough for me to feel, and reminds me daily of the wonderful blessing I have growing inside of me!
Also, it's Autumn. My favorite time of year! (I say this every year when September and October roll around, even though I will be claiming allegiance to Spring as soon as March begins to shed its frost after the long winter.) Pumpkins adorn my front porch and mantel, while stews and fresh-baked breads fill my house with the wonderful smells of Fall.
It's a very good time of year!

(Asher at the Farmer's Market buying pumpkins!)

(These mums will be gracing my front porch as soon as I get them potted! Aren't they pretty?
And I got them at SUCH a bargain!)

My birthday lands in October, which means I get to celebrate in the midst of the changing seasons.
It's wonderful, especially when I'm surrounded by my sweet family!
Here's Asher with all of his cousins... he's already got a handful, doesn't he?

We just returned from a lovely trip to Knoxville, TN to visit Riley's grandparents. Wow, we picked the best weekend to travel! The trees were gorgeous, and Nana and Papa had a breathtaking one in their side yard! It made for some serious family fun! Asher enjoyed playing in the leaves, and particularly took pleasure in throwing his pacifier into the leaf pile and watching while mama tried to find it.

Ahhh, Fall. This really is my favorite time of year!