Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Big One-Year-Old

Well. It's been a year. My sweet Asher turned One on the first. That's right. He's already had his golden birthday, and let me tell you, boy did we celebrate! I decided to throw him a Hey Diddle Diddle party, and the kids had a blast! I'm posting these pictures for you all to enjoy.

Hey diddle diddle, the cat played the fiddle.
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun
and the dish ran away with the spoon!

Here's the big, happy family that celebrated with us.

Asher and Aunt Andi: Birthday Buddies! (Ash was born on Andrea's 21st birthday!)

We had a pretty cheesy menu. Cheese is Asher's favorite food. Plus, the moon is made out of cheese, right? Kinda cheesy, I know...
We had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs (and some rather clever cheese-art on top, if I don't say so myself), cheese bread, cheese balls, and cheesy broccoli salad! I even frosted Asher's cake with cream cheese frosting... yum!

The children all got to take home little goodie bags Asher and I made for them.

They had all sorts of fun treats inside, including this fun little play on words:
(It says: "The little dog SNICKERED to see such fun!)

My favorite of the favors were some bean bags I made for the kids out of cow fabric. They used them to play this bean bag toss game Riley helped me build! Do notice, the cow bean bags jump over the moon! How fun!

Another game we played was called "The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon." The children all had a "dish" with their name on it, and there were spoons scattered all over the yard. They had to run and collect as many spoons as they could, one at a time, and the person with the most spoons won! Grace and Jadon tied for first place, even though they were forced to hop like bunnies to make the game more fair. Good job, kids!

We also made bag puppets. I cut out templates so the children could choose between making a cow, dog or cat puppet (for the three animals represented in the nursery rhyme) and they had a blast playing with them afterwards!

The birthday boy with Daddy. Notice his Hey Diddle Diddle bib Aunt Andi made him! Love it...

Happy birthday to mooooooo!

Wow. SOMEBODY got spoiled!
(This picture is missing the fun little Beatrix Potter books the Walkers and Grammie gave him.)

We really had a great time. And the festivities didn't stop there! That evening we went out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant with the family, and on Sunday we had a second birthday party for both Asher and Andrea!
It was really fun, and Asher got even MORE presents! Life is good for a little one-year-old!

I'm so proud of my baby boy and love him to pieces! God has richly blessed us and we are truly thankful for such a sweet son.
Happy Birthday, Ash-Dash!

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