Saturday, July 10, 2010

The simple things in life

Life can be simple. The problem is that we like to complicate things. I have a notorious reputation of messing up my laundry (although I have never thrown a red sock in with my load of whites... yet.) My most frequent problems typically involve the clothes dryer. I shrink stuff. And I fail to notice stains until after they are thoroughly set by the lovely dry heat that dryers are cherished for. The solution? I now hang dry. And despite it taking longer, I find the time well spent. Doesn't it look fun? Asher sits on a blanket and tries to eat grass while I pull my laundry out, piece by piece, and lovingly hang it while inspecting for stains that will require a re-wash. It makes laundry fun, saves money, and I have far fewer stains. Everyone wins, and we get a little more vitamin D each day! So simple.
Other fun happenings in our house this summer include trying to stay cool in-between loads by staying inside! Asher loves to play piano, and is rather pleased with himself for being able to reach the keys without assistance. Another fun treat this week has been keeping Grammie's dog while they're on vacation. Cocoa has been a source of great entertainment, and I'm afraid Asher will not know what to do with himself once his little playmate is gone! Cocoa has also been a lovely help in the kitchen, cleaning the floor as Asher eats, and has been an excellent excuse to stop hiding from the humid heat and get outside for some nice, long walks. He's been a fun treat! Hmmm, a puppy would make a great first birthday gift...? Probably not. Maybe we'll just have to borrow Cocoa more often!