Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea party for one and other such fun

Here's a little peek into my new favorite way to spend afternoon nap time...

A tea party is such a wonderful way to recharge midway through the day. It does wonders beyond a short nap!
It restores the soul (not to sound too corny).

Here is my recipe for a tea party for one:
  • Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to almost boiling. Don't let it boil. I think Brittish Parliament will be after you if you do.
  • Meanwhile, take 5 minutes to tidy up the room you will sit in. You'll be able to enjoy yourself so much more if you're not surrounded by clutter... or at least not as surrounded.
  • Gather your teacup or mug (styrofoam is not an option), sugar, cream (which is actually milk. Don't ask me why they call it cream. And under no circumstance should you ever add cream to herbal tea. Never. Ever.), a spoon, a napkin, and a little treat (a cookie, a scone, crustless PB&J triangles or some fruit are all lovely options!). Also, gather some pretty flowers in a small vase to enjoy while you sip. Weeds are definitely an option (as you can see in my picture!)
  • Brew your tea of choice in a teapot (or cup if you don't own one) and let steep for 3-6 minutes.
  • When finished, perch near a window and enjoy while listening to some soothing music. I like my tea time to be spent reading or just looking out my window at God's beautiful creation (which currently looks like a bamboo forest, but is still pretty in its own way).
You'll have twice the fun if you invite someone to join you!

It sure helps me recharge so I can tackle what I do the rest of the day...

Asher is getting around the house with surprising ease these days! He follows me when I leave the room (which I love) and whines constantly to be picked up (which I love not.)

So yes. Afternoon tea is a must.
Be ye inspired to join me in bringing back this lovely tradition!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Losing things

I've heard it called mom-nesia. That dull brain one receives after having a baby and therefore getting no more than a couple hours of continuous sleep at night. Whatever you wish to name it, I have it in full swing even still. Lately I've acquired quite the knack at losing things that really aren't lost at all. Take for instance this little story:
I like to use my ear-bud when on my cell phone, in an attempt to prevent the inevitable cancer of the brain that all cell phone users are destined to. I was anxious to call my sweet friend Danielle, and began the recurring search for my ear bud. I checked in all the usual hiding spots, and then did the full-circle scan of the room. Then I did it again, and again. Before I knew it I was spinning full speed in the middle of my living room. I plopped down on the sofa in defeat, and then realized I was sitting on my earbud. Hmm. You'd think I would have seen it sitting there mid-spin. I guess not.
But I must not be too hard on myself. It's easy to lose things when you have a darling little boy who is getting rather good at making messes. I have here photographic evidence of what happens when he is placed a little too near my neatly folded pile of laundry.
He makes it easy to laugh at myself...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden Day Tour

Today I had the pleasure of touring some lovely historic homes and gardens here in Lynchburg, hosted by Lynchburg's Garden Club. Some of them were homey, and some were breathtaking, like this view from a Juliette balcony off the master bedroom of the fanciest house we visited.

A couple of the homes did not even look lived in. Take this pantry, for example:

You can see why I was compelled to take a picture of someone's pantry. I think she's put Martha Stewart to shame. Rachel (who went with me) and I decided that she probably does not even cook. This pantry is just for looks.
Since this was a garden party, there were beautiful fresh flower arrangements adorning each room we walked through. All the flowers came from Lynchburg gardens.

We had a wonderful time peeking into the homes and lives of these houses, many of which we have often walked by and wondered about. Asher and Helen were perfect angels, not making a peep all day. They were the object of many smiles, and I must say they stole the show wherever they went. Who wants to look at antique china and fancy furniture when a sweet baby face is staring at you? Let's be serious...

So I've never been a blogger...

...but I have many friends who love it. I'm feeling inspired today. The sun is setting in a perfectly clear sky and the birds are loudly heralding it's descent (the one any only perk to single-pane windows), and it's put me in the most cheerful of dispositions. Yes, today I can conquer the blog. Hope you enjoy that which is to come!